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Why Choose Heidy Honrado Wellness?

At HHW Health Coaching Practice, our mission is to empower individuals by helping them transform their mindset from a defeated and unhealthy state to a resilient and empowered health warrior mentality. Through personalized guidance, education, and unwavering support, I am dedicated to assisting my clients in making sustainable lifestyle changes that enhance physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

By fostering a collaborative and compassionate environment, we aim to inspire and motivate individuals to take charge of their health, overcome obstacles, and achieve their individual goals.

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These coaching programs are designed to help you achieve your specific health goals. We offer a range of programs to fit your needs and budget.

Wellness Chat

Is Health Coaching right for you?

This session is offered as a complimentary opportunity to explore the benefits of health coaching and its potential to assist you with achieving your objectives.

Lifestyle Makeover 

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Exclusive one-on-one coaching 

This is a 3-phase 6 months intensive health coaching program using my signature DIY strategies to help you develop long-lasting lifestyle behavior changes in all areas of your health and well-being.

Back To Basics

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12- Weeks Back to Basics 

The 'Back to Basics & Uncovering a Healthier YOU' program centers on delving deeper into the root causes and consequences of your present health issues, while constructing a fresh framework centered around your underlying motivations.

Success Stories

"Heidy taught me a different way to observe my health and physical concerns. I went from counting calories, drinking soda and alcohol, and working out extremely hard, to not counting calories, no more soda, minimum alcohol, and accepting days of no workout as being okay."

Y. Ayala


Let's Connect and chat about how health coaching can help you  reach better health.

Thank you for contacting us! We will be in touch soon.

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